The PUSHBOX® system offers many advantages:

  • Vacuum packaging technology cancels the necessity of fumigation and use of moisture absorbers;
  • The PUSHBOX® is easily palletizable, thereby simplify the loading and unloading processes.
  • Barcodes and other important information printed onto the PUSHBOX® allow for enhanced inventory control and traceability.
  • The sample size is supplied for custom inspections.
  • Choosing PUSHBOX® system drastically reduces insurance costs, because it eliminates claims due to condensation and humidity.

Protect Quality

The system is able to prevent quality deterioration of grains throughout the logistics chain. Vacuum packaging technology isolates grains from any external contamination and unwanted agents like moisture, insects, rodents, etc…

  • The carton skin protect goods from light;
  • The reduction of oxygen inside the PUSHBOX® allows the internal atmosphere to be retained, so the grain properties remain intact and no physical and chemical alteration occurs;
  • FFA (Free Fat Acid) levels remain controlled;
  • Grains are protected and isolated during the shipping and storage, for this reason no fumigation is needed;
  • Cocoa beans stored in PUSHBOX® have a shelf life of two years and during this period the fragrance, the perfume and the colour of cocoa is incredibly conserved.


The special bag in polithene and polypropylene contains grains, and the external carton protect goods from any damage. Bags and cartons are separate recyclable.


  • Contains and isolate;
  • Obtain the vacuum;
  • Tear Proof;
  • Provides a light barrier.
The PUSHBOX® is available in different and customizable sizes. The standard measures are 52 x 30 x 40cm contains 35 kg of cocoa (Standart Humidity 7,5%). Small size 1/16 is supplied for samples and custom inspections.