An innovative system
An integrated solution for transportation and storage of high quality grains, coffee, cocoa and others.
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Pushbox 12kg coffee
The perfect packaging to protect the quality of your coffee.
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Why should PUSHBOX® system be a part of your business?

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About Pushbox®

PUSHBOX® includes a wide variety of applications. It was created to protect the goods and conserve them with high quality.
Our system of packaging isolates goods from external contaminants, for this reason, PUSHBOX® can also be used for the opposite purpose; packaging materials dangerous or harmful for nature and their surroundings.

A simple comparison

A 40 feet container can be loaded with 360 bags of jute bags with 70 kg each for a total of 25200 kg of goods. The same container is loaded with 20 pallets of PUSHBOX® totaling 28000 kg net.

Over 10% more! Currently the most popular solution to transport cocoa, coffee and other grains is the jute bag. This packaging has countless defects. First the jute is a highly hygroscopic fiber that does not isolate the product but instead facilitates the formation of mould and colonies of insects. Its irregular shape also doesn’t allow to optimize the load inside the container. The one by one loading and unloading processes are more costly and slow. Handling of heavy pieces by humans (such as 70 kilo bags) are a potential source of injuries and chronic health problems in the long term. 

PUSHBOX® system represents an absolute novelty, ensuring an accurate control of the transported weight, a simple and fast loading and unloading procedure and protection of goods transported and stored.

PUSHBOX® patent

PUSHBOX® is a registered Patent around many countries of the world, including Dominican Republic, EU, the USA, Colombia, Peru and Ecuador, filings are under way in many other countries.