About us

Food Industrial Packaging, SRL (FIP)

FIP was established in 2015 in the Dominican Republic. Our business is the worldwide distribution of the PUSHBOX®. For the previous 5 years inventor/founder Domenico Malcangio has been travelling around the world presenting this revolutionary concept to all the important players in the cocoabeans processing industry, while overseeing the development and finishing of the machinery needed for the automatic packaging, vacuum and sealing of the boxes. In due time, the first plant was set up in Tenares, Dominican Republic in late 2015.

Our patented technology IS A UNIQUE APPROACH to preserving quality and freshness of cocoabeans, cocoa nibs and other hygroscopic grains or foodstuff for long periods of storage while protecting its contents during transportation and warehousing from all risks from exogenous factors. No other system with similar virtues is currently in the market.